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Apple’s iPad and iPad mini are most popular tablets that have changed the way we use computers. You may noticed that there is no manual included when purchase a new iPad. Maybe iPad is too easy to use so we don’t need a manual. People are wondering. And soon we think we already become familiar with it, we use it for surfing the internet, watching videos and listening music every day. That is all. We are satisfied with what we can do with the new iPad. But there are some cool and useful features which we never discover. iPad is not just a media consumption device. It has a lot potentials to make our life a lot easier. We can do many cool stuffs with iPad. You have invested your hard earned money to buy Apple iPod. Why don’t you want to get the most out of your iPad?

To become the iPad expert or iPad Guru you need iPad video lessons. iPad video tutorial series which will teach you how to properly operate iPad, how to perform basic tasks and finally how to earn hidden secrets of Apple iPod. You will be surprised to know some hidden secrets of iPad. If you carefully follow these iPad video tutorials, you will gain knowledge and expertise to handle iPad. At the end of the iPad Video Lesson course you will become an iPad expert.

What’s included in the video?

1 – All About Your iPad
2 – Web Tips and Tricks
3 – More About Mail

With Sections 1-3, you get deep insight on the iPad, as well as a review of some functions that are rarely utilized to the fullest. You also get various tips and advice on productive web browsing, and advice on mail usage and productivity.

4 – Reading on Your iPad
5 – App Fun & Productivity
6 – Listen to Music & Podcasts

With Sections 4-6, iPad Pete reviews some unknown iPad features, and tips on how to enhance multimedia functionality so as to provide a better experience.

7 – Organize Your Photos
8 – Watch Video on Your iPad
9 – Exploring Maps

In Sections 7-9, here iPad Pete gives tutorials on organizing photos, watching videos, and utilizing various pre-loaded maps

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